5 Ways to “Level Up” Your Life

Victoria Cairl
5 min readJan 29, 2023
I write every Sunday morning no matter where I am. The water and coffee are key.

Recently I am going through my very own Renaissance.

After several years of feeling uncertain and afraid of what the future may hold for my industry, I have decided all I can do is focus on the things I can control. A new year is always a great way to make a fresh start and so I have chosen 2023 as the year I “level up”. For me “leveling up” means I am making some key changes to be my best self and to take the dreams I have and turn them into focused goals.

Here are the five things I am focusing on:

1) Habit Building- If you have not read or at least listened to the audio book of “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, plan to do that now. His insights will make you think about how you go about your days very differently. But the main thing I have learned is that the smaller habits that I make now that can help me become the person that I want to be down the road.

I am building an exercise habit, a writing ritual, and working on a daily early morning routine to take better care of myself and my business. I wake up every morning, I drink water, exercise for an hour and the sit down for a “proffee” (protein shake and espresso on ice). I make a small list of my main goals for the day on paper and then dive into email and the ticket sales for my clients from the day before.

On the weekends I use this morning slot for deep strategic planning for my business, planning out the week for my family and writing. And so far, I feel so much more in control just by adding in this base for my day.

2) Learn something new- Over the holidays I became deeply immersed in the escapist show “Emily in Paris” on Netflix. While the characters are charming, the fashion astounding and the plot is ridiculous at times, the real star of the show is Paris. And I love Paris. But I never conquered the French language, and my accent may have butchered any attempt I made. I recently downloaded Duolingo, and I am learning French again. I even try to speak it to my husband for a few sentences a day.

I have no real reason to learn this language, but I think it’s important to always be learning something fun just for yourself. Life is all about your evolution after all. And I now can tell you that the cat is eating the croissant in another language. What’s the one…