5 Ways You Can Help Save Theatre Right Now

Victoria Cairl
4 min readJul 9, 2023
Photo by Michael Altbaum from a “Show and Hell” night at Grey House on Broadway

Do you remember the first time you went to the theatre? Maybe you saw something on Broadway, or you saw a touring show in a nearby city or a regional show in your hometown or even the local theatre company putting something on a smaller stage.

I remember everything. I saw the musical, The Who’s Tommy at the Wang Center in high school. I think I was 15. My mind was blown. I was seated in a nosebleed seat, but I felt as close to the action as ever. The rock musical blew the roof off the theatre and the album I remember listening to with my parents was brought to life.

My first Broadway show was a revival of The Sound of Music followed by many, many more. And I have saved every Playbill from every production.

I am not alone in my passion or my Playbill collection.

A few years ago, I feared the industry I had devoted my life to would never come back. Now Broadway, touring and regional shows are up and running once again but sadly theatres across the country are struggling to get by or even closing. Ticket buyers aren’t coming back in the way we all hoped.

Now I come to you all to ask for your help and simply go enjoy the energy of live performances once again. It’s way more visceral than anything you are watching on Netflix, I assure you.

Here are Five Ways you can help save and support this thing I love.

1) Commit to seeing one live show locally this summer. — Whether you see Shakespeare in the Park or a local production of High School Musical- just leave your couch and go enjoy seeing actors on stage. Your heart needs this. I plan to return to Hudson Valley Shakespeare for a date night with my husband this summer, where we can have a picnic and sip a glass of wine while gazing over the Hudson beforehand. I recently saw an amazing new show called Illinois up at the Fisher Center at Bard College and it was breathtaking.

2) Buy tickets to One Broadway Show before the end of 2023- (If you are far from Broadway, I will also accept you seeing a touring Broadway show). And gang we have lots for you to see. I was transported recently to a show unlike anything I had ever experienced at Here Lies Love- which is in previews and opens next month. You can even dance through all 90 minutes…