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I went back to the theatre for the first time in months in early August and it was glorious. I sat among friends. I turned off my phone. I watched actors perform live in front of me. It felt like coming home.

More of Broadway is poised to re-open next month, theatres across the country are going back on sale for their season ahead. After over a year of isolation, we are being given a road to gather again together to hear stories being told.

The Delta variant is still out there. New safety measures are taking effect. We need…

Name Plates

“I’m so sorry. What’s your name, again?” Randy asked.

“Oh, it’s Ren. But it’s ok, I haven’t been here much”, she explained.

“I’ll never forget. Wren, like the bird”

“Oh, it’s R-E-N like Ren and Stimpy.”

“Now I really won’t forget.”

Randy, at the Peekskill Coffeehouse, makes a point to know your name. In return, we all know his. He greets you with a nod and in many cases, has memorized your order. His charisma and warmth, (and stellar musical taste) is part of why I always come to Peekskill Coffee to write every Sunday morning.

Ren will become a…

My husband showing me how parenting is done.

“I want kids,” he told me on our second or third date. I didn’t feel the same way, nor was it a deal breaker.

I had not ruled out the idea of children. Dreams of having a career in the entertainment business, had put “becoming a parent” further down my priority list. My childhood hero was Murphy Brown, so I figured I could simply bang out a child in my 40’s, if I really wanted one, and my housepainter would help me raise the kid.

A man named Jim Cairl came into my life and upset that apple cart. He…

Photo by Blessing Ri on Unsplash

I have recently been informed that the world is about to return to “normal”. I write this to plea for additional time to take care of lots of things I have put off for the past year. Could we all agree that most of us need until at least September to really be ready? I have a few things I need to deal with.

1) I need to get in shape- I have lost and gained the same fifteen pounds. I have been committed to exercising every day and I have fallen off the wagon more times than I can…

Photo by Clay Royandoyan on Unsplash

Recently, I met someone from outside of the Broadway industry wondering what support is being offered to BIPOC producers, who are simply trying to get their foot in the door. A year ago, I would not have known what help to offer her other than to make a few email introductions to BIPOC producers I admire (which I did for her as well).

It turns out there are many new programs out there but I had not been able to find one place that listed everything. …

The incredible Merritt Minnemeyer. Photo by Jeff Tisman of Tisman Photography

“Talk to me about where you’re at right now”, she asked me. What came out over the next hour was both helpful and a little heartbreaking. But I am so glad I took the time to finally check-in with a professional. And no, in this case, I was not seeing a therapist.

Over a week ago, I took the time to meet with a leadership and executive coach, Merritt Minnemeyer, the founder and creator of Master of One Coaching. Full disclosure, Merritt and I have known each other for over twenty years. She and I both started our own businesses…

My LinkedIn Profile is always evolving

“Do I really need to update my LinkedIn profile?” someone asked the Twitterverse the other day and my resounding answer is “Yes”. Now I’m going to tell you why you need to do so.

Many of us are unemployed or under-employed right now. But I assure you, all that can and will change in the year ahead. Things will get better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And though new platforms are trying (Alignable, is an interesting one), none has quite as vast an imprint as LinkedIn.

Here are six reasons to be on LinkedIn and…

The promise of the future on a nearby Peekskill Boutique, “Bucko”

“When things go back to normal and we head back to the city”, my husband started to say and the rest of the sentence will forever remain a mystery to me because that’s when my heart stopped.

“How can we even think about the future when I never cleaned my house, lost 50 pounds, finished my novel or successfully made even one loaf of sourdough?”, I wondered. And yet, it was far deeper than that.

A million other things ran through my head, some hopeful, some heartbreaking. And yet, there it was, the truth in some weird way. Life will…

Me and my favorite kettlebell.

It was a year and it felt like everything in my life was constantly in a tailspin. I needed to control something.

I had been working in theater, an institution as old as time and yet everything had shut down.

I was surviving, building out beyond my comfort zone, learning how to use my skillset in new ways. I had three kids in virtual school, a husband working from home at our dining room table and we added a pandemic puppy to the mix in October.

Functionally, I was surviving but I felt out of control and incredibly lonely. Plus…

I needed new business cards but I’m not sure what to put.

“I don’t know who I am anymore now that I don’t have a job”, a friend confided to me over the phone, “I spent so many years working for this company and now, it’s all over.”

“Honey, you didn’t die. Your job just ended. You’re going to have lots of different roles, but there’s only one you”, I assured them. But it’s hard to hear. It’s even harder to digest, that everything you put your time and energy has led to this. You will have to start your career all over again, because the industry you worked in is gone.

Victoria Cairl

Writes about women and work and all else

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