BIPOC Broadway: Resources to know about

Victoria Cairl
2 min readMar 22, 2021
Photo by Clay Royandoyan on Unsplash

Recently, I met someone from outside of the Broadway industry wondering what support is being offered to BIPOC producers, who are simply trying to get their foot in the door. A year ago, I would not have known what help to offer her other than to make a few email introductions to BIPOC producers I admire (which I did for her as well).

It turns out there are many new programs out there but I had not been able to find one place that listed everything. Hopefully this will help someone and feel free to add on anything I missed in the comments.

But here are four points worth sharing more widely.

1) New Programs: The Shuberts Launch a way to support BIPOC producers- this is a significant one as it’s a full fledged program with focused support and the deadline to apply is in early April.

2) Education: Free BIPOC Producing 101 Course- A few wonderful people I know launched this new program in December which is already in progress now, but it’s worth reaching out to find out when their next one will be and simply to make sure you’re on their radar.