Stay positive, support theatre: 5 things you can do to keep an art form alive

Victoria Cairl
4 min readAug 22, 2021
photo from @viator

I went back to the theatre for the first time in months in early August and it was glorious. I sat among friends. I turned off my phone. I watched actors perform live in front of me. It felt like coming home.

More of Broadway is poised to re-open next month, theatres across the country are going back on sale for their season ahead. After over a year of isolation, we are being given a road to gather again together to hear stories being told.

The Delta variant is still out there. New safety measures are taking effect. We need to keep audiences and artists safe. We have found ways to do so.

An industry that spent 18 months reinventing itself, has one more obstacle to overcome, negativity.

In a recent Forbes article, the first Broadway show to debut was taken to task over its’ box office success. The fact that the show is up and running safely is a success in itself. After all, we are not just trying to sell tickets, we are trying to keep an art form alive.

And while we celebrate our industry’s comeback, we must acknowledge the road ahead will not be easy. But then again, that’s always been the narrative. There’s the conflict in Act One which will resolve itself by the end of Act Two, and if we are lucky it will bring a few amazing monologues and a magnificent 11 o’clock number along the way. We live for the drama. It is the world we chose to make a living in.

What’s next? Here are 5 things audiences and theatre lovers can do to keep the entertainment coming.

1) Buy tickets- Whether you are ready to head back immediately (I see Sara Bareilles in “Waitress” on September 2nd) or you are willing to wait and plan on returning in December, (“A Sherlock Carol” just went on sale), simply grab your seats now. Lock them in, put a date on your calendar and count down the days until you return. If you work in our world, don’t wait for comps, just spend some money on something you will remember far longer than what you had for dinner last night.

2) Buy a subscription- Non-profit theatres need our support more now than ever. Plus, you get a year of theatre for a lower price than most, along with perks. Whether you want to see a season…